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Sifely Latch

What if an existing deadbolt is in the way of installing the Sifely Latch Lock?

Please switch deadbolt and our lock position. Install our lock above deadbolt.

How do I register a Sifely account ?

Step 1: Activate app and tap "Registier" on the top right corner. Step 2: Use your phone number or email address to start registration. Step 3: Input your password and confirm password. Step 4: Click "Get Code" button. A verfication code will be sent to your phone via short message or to your email address. Step 5: Finally, tap "Register" button on the bottom to finish registration process.

How do I keep the lock in the unlocked status ?

Step 1: Activate app and go to lock settings. Step 2: In the lock settings, please choose "Passage Mode". Step 3: Turn on "Passage Mode" and set up "Passage Mode" hours. Step 4: Tap "Save" on the top right corner. Step 5: Unlock your smart lock manually at the first time, then lock will keep unlocked status based on your "Passage Mode" hours settings in Step 3. Note: When the lock is in the "Passage Mode", you can manually lock the door from outside by long pressing "#" key on the keypad of the lock.

Where is the key hole located to use the physical keys to unlock?

The keyhole is under the front panel handle. You can use the supplied allen wrench to unscrew the handle on the front and you will see the keyhole there. We suggest leaving that screwdriver around your door somewhere in case you need it to open the door the provided using physical key.

How long is the battery life?

The battery life is guaranteed over one year. Also, smart phone will push notification to you to change the battery if the battery going low. Also, on the bottom of front panel, there is a connection port to power bank, you could use power bank as back up power.

Here is an example of how a power bank can be used as a back up power source.

How do I unlock using passcode?

To use passcode, please enter passcode + "#" on the keypad, the lock should be open.

How do I lock the door from outside if lock is under "Passage Mode"

There are two ways to lock the door from outside if lock is set up under "Passage Mode": 1. Open smart phone app and lock. 2. Long press "#" key on the keypad to lock the door from outside

How to share my lock ?

Step 1: Open app and go to "Send eKey" Step 2: We take permanent eKey for example.

Ask recipient to download "Sifely Smart Lock" app on their smart phone, and register fro a Sifely account. Type recipient's Sifely account username in the "Recipent" row. Make sure that what is entered into the "Recipient" row matches exactly what the recipient account username is.

(It should be recipient phone number or email. Note: no country code for the phone number), as shown in the picture below. Step 3: Give eKey a name. Step 4: Give it permissions.

Remote unlocking allows the recipient to remotely unlock if there is a Sifely Gateway set up.
Authorized Admin allows the recipient to create their own passcodes, IC cards, fingerprints, and send other eKeys. An authorized admin can also configure lock settings such as auto-lock timer and passage mode. Step 5: Click "Send" and the lock will appear on their account with the permissions you granted them.

My device doesn't recognize my fingerprint. How to solve it ?

To improve the fingerprint recognition rate: 1. Ensure that the fingerprint recognition area and your fingers are clean and dry. 2. Re-register your fingerprint on the device. (1) You will be asked to place your finger four times on the sensor. Please use different angel of your prints and press a little bit harder on the sensor each time. (2) Make sure to use the highest central parts of fingerprint or the most curved part of fingerprint when you register or scan fingerprint.

I can't pair lock with app. The app says "the lock is not in setting mode".

In this case, you have to reset device: Step 1. Open battery box on the back panel. Step 2. Find two holes below batteries. Step 3. Find reset button in the right hole and hold it. Step 4. Input 000+"#" as admin code on the keypad. Step 5. Re-pair lock with app. Step 6. Done.

I need some replacement parts, where can I get some?

You are able to purchase the latch, mounting plate, and screws on Amazon. Just follow this link

Contact us if there is another part that you need.

Sifely Gateway

How to unlock remotely ?

Step 1: Exactly follow each step in the manual in order to add gateway to your smart phone app. Step 2: Go to lock settings -> Unlock Remotely, and turn it on. Step 3: After turning it on, you should be able to see "Unlock Remotely" icon on the lock main page in the app. Step 4: Tap "Unlock Remotely", then you should be able to unlock remotely

What is the app name for gateway ?

Gateway app is the same as your smart lock app. Please use the smart lock app to pair gateway.

Why does gateway flash red light suddenly ?

Flash red light means gateway is offline. It may be caused by gateway firmware update, cloud server update or internet outage. Please leave gateway there and it will be back to normal automatically.

Sifely Deadbolt

How to use passcode to unlock?

Enter passcode + đŸ”’ on the keypad to unlock.

How long is the battery life?

The battery life is guaranteed to be over one year. Smartphone will push notifications to you to change the batteries if the batteries are going low.

How do I extend the deadbolt?

Twist latch clockwise and pull. Deadbolt will snap into place.

For visual reference, watch this

How to Hard Reset Deadbolt Lock?

  • Open Battery Box and Remove 4 AA Batteries.
  • Locate 3 screws and remove using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Put 4 AA Batteries Back into Battery Box.
  • Open back panel to locate the reset button. Keep all connectors and plugs attached. Press the reset button for 10 seconds until you hear two short beeps. Note: Please put all connectors attached with batteries on during reset process.
  • Reset Done

Why is my deadbolt doing the opposite? It locks when I try to unlock and unlocks when I try to lock.

The reason for the backwards operation of deadbolt is in the installation. Please re-install the deadbolt to solve the issue. During re-installation, please pay careful attention to this video.

Pay attention to the following:
1. Calibration Switch for left facing bolt or right facing bolt. 2. Door Knob position for left facing bolt or right facing bolt.
Please put the calibration switch and door knob to the correct position when you reinstall the lock.