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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

In the past three years, we often find a phenomenon when we travel domestically or abroad: all Airbnb properties, short-term rental apartments and hotels have been equipped with smart locks.

In the past two years, it is also not difficult to find that smart locks are also standard for long-term rental apartments in the US.

In the past year, even the landlords who posted rental information on major rental platforms have all installed smart locks.

Why use smart locks for property rental?

  • Install smart locks to save money

  • Install smart locks to save effort

  • Install smart locks to be safer

  • Smart locks make housing easier for renting

Tenants are not stable. According to most landlords, once tenants are changed, it means that the door lock and key must also be replaced. It takes time and effort to change the lock. With smart locks, you only need to delete the tenant’s fingerprint, password or other access information on the end date of the lease, avoiding the trouble of frequently changing the lock.

Issuing passcode is straightforward. With smart locks, when the tenant looks for renting a house, the landlord can generate a one-time passcode and issue it to the potential tenants. The passcode automatically expires after use. It is simple and convenient, and there is no need to worry about security.

Also, sometimes the landlord drives thousands of miles to open the door for the tenant who has forgotten to bring the keys, or get the lock rekeyed for the tenant who has misplaced the keys. Many landlords have encountered this kind of thing. With the use of smart door locks, there will be no similar troubles.

Not only does the landlord save effort, but tenants also prefer smart locks. For tenants, if they can unlock with fingerprints/passwords, why is it necessary to bring the keys to unlock the door in a complicated way?

Many tenants have other needs. For example, some tenants often need cleaning services. With smart locks, it will be much more convenient that tenants issue a one-time passcode to cleaning services; some tenants have pets and pets are unaccompanied during long vacations. With smart locks, they can generate a passcode and issue it to a friend to take care of it.

Meanwhile, offering a smart lock on your rental listing can make it more appealing, which means your listing will attract more attention and rent for a higher price.

Why do you need Sifely Smart Lock for Airbnb rentals?

  • When the lease expires, the key is automatically deleted

Sifely Smart Lock App can issue a timing period passcode to your tenants, which means you can specify the valid timing period of the passcode. When there is a tenant staying, the landlord sets the relevant date based on how long the lease period is. After the lease period expires, the system will automatically delete the relevant unlock permission of the tenant.

  • Improving the convenience.

There are such scenarios that the tenant wakes up the landlord to help unlock the door because they forgot to bring the key at night. Presumably most landlords have encountered such cases before. With Sifely Smart Lock, users can directly use the smartphone app or password to unlock the door. Therefore, there is no need to worry about tenants locking themselves out anymore.

  • Improve the safety level of the residence

When the batteries in the lock are running low, landlords will be actively reminded by the smartphone app. Users can also monitor how much battery is left in real time. Access logs recording each time who unlocks / locks the door at what time such as:

Tom uses passcode to unlock: the unlocking time: 01/26/2020 13:01:10

  • Improving the quality of living

With the advent of the Internet era, intelligent life has begun and people's lifestyles are subtly changing. The intelligent lifestyle can bring tenants a novel feeling, and a comfortable & convenient experience. With modern design of Sifely Smart Lock, the living experience can be greatly improved.

  • Save the operating cost of rental housing.

Smart lock combines security and convenience very well. Tenants don’t need to be accompanied by the landlord, or ask a leasing agent to tour a vacant house for lease. Landlords will directly authorize the unlocking permission to the tenants, allowing them to visit the property directly, which saves labor, time, money and other resources.

  • Hubless design

Most smart locks on the market nowadays need to be equipped with a smart hub to realize functions such as smartphone app unlocking, generating passcodes. etc. Sifely Smart Lock employs a hubless design. The system is convenient and easy to use, and directly interacts with the smartphone through Bluetooth without a hub, which greatly saves the landlord time for installing smart locks.

  • High Security

In traditional locks, the keys are easy to copy. However, the fingerprint combination lock from Sifely eliminates these worries. Some people say that silicone can be used to imitate the fingerprint to unlock.

This is a technology of the past. The current fingerprint combination lock has been improved from an optical reader to a semiconductor reader. It is a living fingerprint identification technology, which is very good to prevent the fingerprints from being stolen.

  • Remote Control

Unlocking the door by remote control is more convenient. For example, you can lock the door of the house by sitting on the sofa. When your friend knocks on the door, you do not have to go to the door to open the door, and can directly open the door by pressing the open button in your smartphone.

Also, no matter where you are, you can issue the password remotely. For example, if someone visits, or your parents arrive home, you can issue passcodes to them then they can open the door and enter the house.

  • Virtual Passcode

The main purpose of virtual passcode is to prevent the password from being stolen, because it can be added before or after the correct password or multiple sets of garbled characters to open the door, as long as there is a correct password in this set of data .

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