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Fingerprint Door Lock / Fingerprint Smart Lock

When purchasing a smart lock, sometimes we will be confused by all complicated advertising features and function introductions.

Smart locks have smart features, but sometimes people don’t know what these features are and how to compare these features before purchasing.

We summarize some smart lock features and the advantages vs. disadvantages of each feature. Hopefully this article can help you to buy a suitable smart lock.

Fingerprint Unlock vs. Passcode Unlock

Since smartphones unlocking with fingerprint recognition are very common today, fingerprint unlocking technology is not new to most people. The advantages of fingerprint recognition are also very obvious:

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Highly secured encryption algorithm on fingerprint unlocking,

  • Fingerprint repetition rate is particularly low between different people

  • Fingerprint recognition rate is different for different people which can be as fast as 0.03 ms.

However, fingerprint recognition still has shortcomings:

  • A person has only ten fingerprints throughout his life and cannot change the shape of the fingerprint.

  • When verifying fingerprints, you must put your finger on the fingerprint sensor.

  • Fingerprint unlocking is not working with wet hands due to technology limitations and cost constraints.

  • Fingerprint collection for some elderly and children is more difficult, and verification is more time-consuming and laborious.

  • The cost of fingerprint sensors is high, especially semiconductor fingerprint sensors.

  • Fingerprints are still relatively easy to obtain, and the fingerprint recognition of some smart locks does not have living fingerprint identification. Thus it is easier to be hacked.

The advantages of passcode unlocking:

  • People are very familiar with the concept of passcode unlocking. It has been there for a long time.

  • It has not been completely eliminated.

  • Passcodes are easier to remember.

  • Length of the password can be customized, and the

  • Passwords can be modified at will.

  • Many smart locks featured with virtual passwords and temporary passwords to ensure the security of the master password is not disclosed.

Disadvantages of passcode unlocking:

  • You need to change the password frequently to ensure security.

  • Passcodes are hard to remember if they are changed frequently.

  • Passcode unlocking is not as convenient and quick as fingerprint unlocking.

Our Conclusion

Fingerprint unlocking and password unlocking are the two most common unlocking methods for smart locks today. Each unlocking method has its own advantages and disadvantages.

On one hand, the more unlocking ways it has, the more expensive it will cost; on the other hand, the smart lock is born for security, and the fewer unlocking ways it has, the more secure it is.

If there are no elderly people or children at home, fingerprint smart lock or passcode smart lock can be chosen at will. If there are elderly people or children at home, it is recommended to purchase smart locks mainly based on fingerprint unlocking.

After all, fingerprint unlocking does not need to be memorized, you can open the door when you walk to the door. It is more suitable for the elderly and children.

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