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Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Key card Door Lock Introduction

Nowadays, smart lock products are diverse. At the same time. There are many ways to unlock. From the perspective of focusing on security, unlocking methods include fingerprint, iris, voice control, and facial recognition. From the perspective of focusing on user experience, unlocking methods include WiFi, Zigbee, LoRa, etc. These high-tech technologies all make our lives more convenient.

However, almost all smart lock products on the market now have a key card unlocking function. Why? First of all, although the security of unlocking is improved for fingerprint, iris, voice control and other unlocking methods, we find that this unlocking method is not very convenient from the feedback of users, since users need to interact with the smart lock to complete the unlocking. And the error rate is also very high.

Although the unlocking method of facial recognition reduces the interaction between the smart lock and the user, the security is not very high. Someone has tested that if you use a photo of the face to disguise the owner of the smart lock to unlock, you can successfully unlock the lock. Of course. Not all smart locks have such security issues, but the unlocking method of facial recognition has a big potential security risk!

Secondly, although WiFi, Zigbee, Lora and other unlocking methods improve the user experience and facilitate unlocking methods, the performance of the product in terms of power consumption is not perfect. Generally, smart locks use batteries as energy. The acceptable battery life should be up to 1-3 years. However these types of door looks wake up several or more than ten times per second to actively communicate with WiFI router, Zigbee hub or Lora hub to complete unlocking. Most of the time it is a waste of power consumption. Therefore, the battery life is relatively short.

Finally, we introduce the unlocking method of Key Card. The earliest application of key card smart lock is in hotel locks or sauna locks. Because of the application scenario, key card unlocking was invented. In terms of the power consumption, it adopts non-contact to trigger wake-up, so the power consumption will be not high. Thus, the battery life is greatly improved. And the disadvantage of key card unlocking is that it requires user interaction to complete the wake-up unlock.

Key card unlocking is suitable for most people, and it only needs to be triggered by swiping the key card on the lock. It has low power consumption, convenient unlocking, and high security.

Key Card Features of Sifely Smart Lock

We have integrated the key card unlocking in our smart lock product. Key card unlocking features include:

  1. Using Sifely Smart Lock smartphone app to pair key card with door lock

  2. One key card can pair unlimited locks.

  3. One lock can pair unlimited key cards

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