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Property management



All of our locks could be integrated into your existing PMS via our open API. So you could use your own PMS to control all of our lock, need not to switch to different screens.

Manage your locks in Webportal


If you are a small hotel, boutique Inn, you could test our Sifely webportal, it’s a simple PMS that could manage all of your hotel rooms, including card encoding and passcode and eKey arranging.

Other than that, we could add additional features in your requirement, or deploy it in your own server.

Who are our clients


  • PMS system provider

  • Hotel and STR provider

  • Property management companies


What we provide


Wherever your properties are located, reduce hassle and never worry about keys again. Automatically set access to the length of your guests’ booking, and receive notifications during their stay.

Commercial/Small business

Manage remotely, schedule access for staff and guests, monitor activity logs, upgrade interior doors for a truly smart office.

Integration principle
Lock data was stored in the cloud end, and it was exclusively coupled with one user. To get the lock data, you need to have to provide your user token and data style, then our server grants the corresponding data to you. So you could control the locks.

sifely api

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