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Contact us First! Please chat with us or submit us a Support Form. We are happy to assist!

Installation and App Video

Sifely O Smart Lock Tutorial. Please carefully follow each step in the lock installation video. You should be able to install Sifely Smart Lock within minutes. 

After lock installation, please continue watching to learn how to control the lock with app. 

Got more questions? Visit our Help Center to find a quick answer or submit a support request. 

Gateway Video

* sold separately

Sifely Gateway mini-hub will unlock all remote features of your Sifely Smart Lock, e.g. remotely lock / unlock, view real-time access logs, set / change / delete passcodes anytime anywhere, etc. Learn how to setup gateway by following gateway video. You will be able to set it up in minutes. We recommend that the Sifely Gateway is installed within 20 feet of locks for a strong and reliable connection. 

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