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How it works:


This device allows for remotely adding IC cards/Fobs from your computer to multiple locks on our Sifely Account. If the locks have a wifi connection via the Sifely Gateway, you can issue a card and the card will be valid for those locks immediately.



  • Simple Set Up. Plug right into your computer while using the Sifely Webportal to get started using with a few minutes. No special software needed. 
  • Time Saving. You can issue one fob/keycard to multiple locks through the Sifely Webportal within a few minutes.
  • Perfect for Hotels or Staff. Give your guests one card that can access multiple doors during their stay or give your maintenance staff the access they need to their job done with just one card. 


Current version is not compatible with MAC computers. 


Sifely Card Reader

SKU: Sifely-ECARD3
    • Card Reader
    • 5 Key Cards
    • USB C to USB cable
  • This product will take up to 7 business days to be received. 

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